Friday, January 30, 2009

A Blog Award from a Special Friend!

My friend Maz, in Australia, has honored me with a blogging award. This is meant to be passed around to those who's blogs we visit often and truly enjoy. I originally "met" Maz through the scrapbooking website we both frequent and now sharing each other's blogs makes our lives so much more real to one another. That's what blogging is all about!! And so, as I think of those who's blogs I really do enjoy visiting on a regular basis, Maz must be on that list!! So "back atcha' Maz"!! And to that, I'd like to add the following blogs that I would feel empty without these days!!
Helen H. at "Hancock"
Helen M. at "Around the World With Helen and Tony"
Cindy at "The LaJoy Family....The Family That God Built"
Wendy at "Life in South Texas"
Melisa at "Whatever May Be, May Be"
Jen at "The Ryan Family"
All of these can be accessed by clicking on the name of the person, on the list of blogs I follow, to the right here. Keep on blogging!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Swimming Lessons for James!

This last Sunday, James started swimming lessons! We had been wanting to do this for along time, but were never able to, due mostly to scheduling problems. Then we met Dru at Vonnie (Dusty's sister) and John's house, New Year's Eve. She's a friend of theirs and has taught swimming on and off for years. When she offered to take James on as a student, we jumped at the opportunity. She's a busy lady, but agreed to meet us at the local pool on Sunday afternoons, to spend an hour with James.

The only lessons James has had previously was a "Mommy and Me" class that we did when he was very little. That did nothing to make him "water safe". While he goes to the swimming pool all summer long with the daycare he's in, they don't teach them how to swim and I imagine, have their hands full keeping their eyes on the many kids that they take to the pool! James, over time, has taught himself how to swimming underwater for short distances, but always insists on holding his nose.

We really wanted him to be "water safe". For us, that may have a different definition than for those who might have a pool in their backyard or go to pools a lot. We don't. But what we do do is spend time during the summers at lakes and creeks, camping and fishing. I wanted to know that if James were ever to fall in, he'd be able to save himself!

After an hour with Dru, James was already starting to swim on top of the water, both on his stomach and on his back, and was trying real hard not to hold his nose! All was a vast improvement to the hour before, when he got into the pool! I think that the one-on-one with her is fabulous for him! In a class with other children, the temptation to mess around with the other kids would be strong. It's just the two of them and he really liked it!! And Mom and Dad were very pleased with the progress that we saw! And so, you'll find us at the pool on Sunday afternoons for awhile!!
Here are some pictures that I took during James' hour with Dru!! Thank you, Dru, for all you're doing!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Welcome Baby Jack!

We are all so excited!! A week ago yesterday, on Saturday, January 1oth at 12:12pm our daughter-in-law gave birth to she and Joe's third child. We are thrilled to join them in welcoming Jackson Glenn Ryan to the family! Weighing in at 8 lbs, 1 oz. and 20 inches long, he's a precious little guy who, so far, sleeps a lot (and through anything!) and seems pretty easy going.
We drove the hour to their home, yesterday, to spend the afternoon/evening with them all and, of course, to take MANY pictures! They all seem to be settling in well with this new addition to the family.

Here he is with his big sister, Juliana, and big brother JT! They both love him so much already and it shows!

Here is Papa Dusty holding Jack.....pretty amazing stuff!!

And Nana.....yup, that's me!!! WOW!!

And Uncle James taking it all in! He thought Jack was pretty cool and was fascinated by him!

What a sweetie!! This was one of the few times while we were there that he opened his eyes, so we took full advantage of the moment. After having two children before him, Joe and Jen have been trying to figure out who he looks like (Juliana takes after Mom and JT looks a lot like Dad!). Looking through their baby pictures yesterday, we all agreed that Jack looks like Jack!! It'll be so interesting to see what he looks like as he gets older!
We spent the day passing him around like a football, all taking turns holding him. It's a good thing he's so good natured!! One thing is for sure.....children in this family are well loved!! We welcome you, baby Jack, with open arms and love you very much already!!!