Thursday, January 29, 2009

Swimming Lessons for James!

This last Sunday, James started swimming lessons! We had been wanting to do this for along time, but were never able to, due mostly to scheduling problems. Then we met Dru at Vonnie (Dusty's sister) and John's house, New Year's Eve. She's a friend of theirs and has taught swimming on and off for years. When she offered to take James on as a student, we jumped at the opportunity. She's a busy lady, but agreed to meet us at the local pool on Sunday afternoons, to spend an hour with James.

The only lessons James has had previously was a "Mommy and Me" class that we did when he was very little. That did nothing to make him "water safe". While he goes to the swimming pool all summer long with the daycare he's in, they don't teach them how to swim and I imagine, have their hands full keeping their eyes on the many kids that they take to the pool! James, over time, has taught himself how to swimming underwater for short distances, but always insists on holding his nose.

We really wanted him to be "water safe". For us, that may have a different definition than for those who might have a pool in their backyard or go to pools a lot. We don't. But what we do do is spend time during the summers at lakes and creeks, camping and fishing. I wanted to know that if James were ever to fall in, he'd be able to save himself!

After an hour with Dru, James was already starting to swim on top of the water, both on his stomach and on his back, and was trying real hard not to hold his nose! All was a vast improvement to the hour before, when he got into the pool! I think that the one-on-one with her is fabulous for him! In a class with other children, the temptation to mess around with the other kids would be strong. It's just the two of them and he really liked it!! And Mom and Dad were very pleased with the progress that we saw! And so, you'll find us at the pool on Sunday afternoons for awhile!!
Here are some pictures that I took during James' hour with Dru!! Thank you, Dru, for all you're doing!!!


Helen M said...

Go James go! This looks like you ar having so much fun!

maz111 said...

Oh what a godsend that sweet lady is. The best part is that James truly looks as though he is having a really fun time. GO JAMES!!!!
This will take a lot of worry from yur shoulders when he is water safe...well done Lenore! I loved the pics TFS.

maz111 said...

Lenore, come visit my blog, I have a little something for you.

Melissa S said...

My gosh he looks all big and grown up in the pool!

Joe, Jen, Juliana, JT and Baby said...

Would she want to take on another? :-) Would love to have someone special like Dru to help Juliana! Looks like James is definately enjoying the one on one!

Susan said...

You (and James) will be so glad when you have a better comfort level with his swimming capabilities. We've had a pool for years, but when we first got one, the kids were 4,6,8....I hired a young girl (21) who was a lifeguard to come to our house every day for 2 weeks! It was the BEST thing EVER!!! All of them are good swimmers and even though I worried, I worried less!

Great pics...and so awesome that he's getting one on one lessons!


Helen said...

yey...just so important. I have just signed Katie up and she starts on Fridays. He looks to be having a blast! It's just crucial kids can keep themselves afloat. ps. congrats on blog award far have you come! Have a super weekend.

Wendy said...

Lenore this is fantastic!! Yes I agree everyone should be taught the survival skills just in case! James is doing wonderful and sometimes a little one on one is what they need.
Michael and I had a bad experience with his first swimming lessons! They threw the kids in the water and then dunked them, it was awful. My son was never afraid of water until after that day...I pulled him out of the lessons!! That was almost two years ago...Just last week I signed him up for lessons at the YMCA...I told them what had happened previously and that it took me months to get him to enjoy the water again...He is like James and can swim under water but not on top...The YMCA people were very understanding and I think this may work this time around...Michael is excited...Keep us updated on James, would love to see what he accomplishes!

BearFamily said...

Congrats with starting swimming lessons, it's so important I think. I'm not a big fan of swimming but want to have my boy water safe, he can start lessons when he's five, so 2,5 more years to wait, lol.