Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Time for Music!

The long awaited day had arrived! Yesterday was my first concert with the Montrose Community Band! Were we ready? Well, I guess musicians never feel really ready....there can always be one more practice! But we went out there and performed a pretty darn good concert!

Yes, there were those "klunker" notes, but they were few and far between and after all, none of us are professionals!!
Most important, I think everyone had fun and were proud of the results!

Here I am at home, as we headed out the door to the Montrose Pavilion where we were going to perform!

And James was pretty excited too!! After weeks of going to rehersals with me every Monday night, he was going to hear it "all come together"!! He had also been given the job of handing out programs and greeting people as they entered the auditorium. You can bet that he took that seriously!!

Dusty took 112 pictures before and during the concert, as well as 16+ minutes of video. When I'm able to figure out how to post a video clip here I will do so in the next few days! I have the perfect one.....I'm just too dumb right now to figure out how to do it!!! Anyway, I was very proud of the job that Dusty did with the camera! He not only negotiated the darkness of the auditorium and the sound issues (gee, maybe you'll get to experience that on the video!!?!!???), but he had to navigate the many heads in front of him! The zoom on the camera also got a workout, as all the pictures were taken from his seat, many rows back!! Outstanding!! Many thanks, honey, for doing such a great job and giving me so many great pictures to pick from!

Here I am, during our short rehersal, before the performance.....just working out the rough spots!!

And he caught this one of me looking up at Toby, our director, as he was talking to us. I usually don't like pictures of myself, but this one's okay! Not one to post pictures of myself on this blog, this is probably as much as you'll see of me in the next 6 months. I think I'll go now, and hide back behind my camera!!! See ya!!

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Helen said...

oh Lenore!!!!!!!!!!!


I have had a wonderful read of all your blog posts. The photos are wonderful (yey Dusty) and it all looks so "official" - and a little party afterwards.


maz111 said...

Oh my goodness Lenore, it is soooo good to see pics of you on your blog....and these are wonderful shots, congrats Sandy!
What a wonderful experience to finally get to perform after all your hard work. YAY for you for being so brave!!!!!
I promise I will write soon.

Melissa S said...

Congrats Lenore! Dusty took some great photos..I would love to see the video clip!! You look great in your vest! Yeah for you! Also it is nice to see pics of you and your family.

Wendy said...

Oh Lenore your smile is beautiful and I can tell you enjoyed yourself!! I am still in awe of the video, great job to both you and Dusty!! Yea to James for helping out too!! Magnificent!!