Sunday, June 22, 2008

An Evening Ride in the Country

We love to go for a ride after a hot summer day. Riding "out in the country" isn't difficult for us, as we live in a VERY small town and it's about a mile to the "edge of town"!! Riding out in the cool, irrigated fields in the evening is just a wonderful way to unwind!
We are in the heart of Colorado's "corn country" and I always think of the saying, "knee high by the 4th of July!" Here we are on June 21st! The farmer's in this area plant their corn in staggered lots to extent the corn season as long as possible. As you drive along, you'll see corn at all different stages of growth. We can already almost taste our "Olathe Sweet" sweet corn!!! YUMMY!!

Our rich, fertile valley is used to grow many crops....corn, potatos, beans, onions, tomatos, peaches, cherries, apples, sod (for people's lawns!) and Christmas trees just to name a few! Everything is so green at this time of year, as they started irrigating about a month ago.

A pretty sunset taken from the mesa above our house.

Even with the awful price of gas, these rides are pretty cheap. We take our time, don't go very far, stop often to listen to the birds and watch for deer and to breathe the wonderful air!! The peace and quiet of the evening is rejuvinating!


Wendy said...

Ahh Beautiful and my kind of drive!! Love the photos and yes I grew up on a dairy farm and remember the saying knee high by the 4th of july...The saying doesn't work here in S. Texas...most of the corn is ready to harvest by the 4th of July, lol...Ahh must be nice to see GREEN...everything here is brown and crunchy, lol...Loved the sunset photo, Great job. So glad y'all were able to get out and enjoy a leisurely drive through the country side...Have a good week :o)

Helen Hancock said...

oh Lenore....I so would love to go on one of these drives with you. And your photos...girl you are rockin them! Perfect perspective and rule of it!

mosbarger said...

Stunning pictures!!!!!! You are an exceptional photographer!!! It's corn time already? Wow, where has the year gone? I 'll have to tell my dad to bring some home. Thanks for sharing!!!