Sunday, June 22, 2008

Photo Challenge # 4 - REFLECTIONS

This is funny, more than anything.....last night while we were out for our ride, I was trying to come up with a picture or two I could use for this week's photo challenge of reflections.....well there wasn't any standing water in sight. Now that was frustrating in itself. I knew that with my work schedule, I'd have to come up with something then or not have an entry this week, and I really do want to participate!!
Then I had this idea....use the side mirror on the car! Great, except for here we are driving around on dusty, dirty roads!! Oh well, I made an attempt and I guess that counts. And I'm having fun at it!! Dusty is enjoying the fact that I'm participating in this weekly challenge as well, and it's becoming a family thing as James often chimes in too!! So thank you, Wendy and Helen, for providing entertainment for those of us who wouldn't necessarily come up with it ourselves!! Incidentially, while I've been preparing to post this, Dusty came in and said, "It's OK to post that picture as long as you're posting others with it today that show that you REALLY do know how to take a picture!!" LOL I agree with him wholeheartedly!!! This is definitely not my best effort, but it's all I've got!! I DO like the fact that I got a double reflection....the reflection of the fenceposts on the side of the car, in the mirror.....kind of weird, eh?? Anyway, gang....this is it for this week!!! TFL!!


Wendy said...

I saw that double reflection and thought OH COOL!! You did a great job! I know it isn't easy to come up with reflections and then when you least expect them you see them!! LOL...I love it!!

Helen Hancock said...

wow Lenore...fantastic!! It is wonderful to see how it is becoming a family exercise....wait until you see mine!

mosbarger said...

LOVE this!!!! It looks perfect, to me!!!!! My husband didn't get involved in our challenge until "food" entered the picture....literally! My dad has been in Ridgeway for the past two weeks and said it was very dry. Let do a rain dance, shall we?