Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Chapter

James started second grade on August 20th. He's settling well into the school routine. He is also enrolled in the afterschool program (a wonderful program of extra-curricular activities), hanging out there until I can pick him up when I get off from work, now that Dusty is working for the school district as an evening (2pm-11pm) custodian.

After the first week of school, James decided that he also wanted to join the Cub Scouts, so we've jumped in with both feet. Yesterday was his first meeting and this evening I finished sewing all the patches on his new uniform! I took these pictures this evening as he tested it all out! Tomorrow night is their first "event", when they have a tailgate party at the Olathe High School Homecoming Football Game! We will all be in attendance to root on those Pirates!!

James is pretty excited about being a Cub Scout and Dusty and I are excited for him and are looking to all he will gain from the experience!!

I couldn't get over how grown up James looks. I know, in part, it's the uniform (don't you love a man in a uniform?? LOL) but he just looks so much older to me all of the sudden. The boy certainly has blossomed and I'm very happy that he has chosen the scouting path. I hope he'll stick with it for awhile. The group of scouts at his school is a good group of boys, many of whom he already knows. I like the things that scouting stresses.....the leadership and that especially when they are wearing their uniforms they are setting an example for the others in the school.

James has really enjoyed knowing that both Dusty and my Dad were Boy Scouts! Dusty dug out his old handbook from when he was James' was copywritten 1964!! It's a wonderful book, even though it's "a little" outdated, and James quickly emersed himself in learning the "secret code" and wrote us both letters in it!! Too funny!!

So here's to the world of scouting as we delve into it as a family!! Beware.....there are many more scouting pictures to come!!


Helen said...

aaahhh....I used to be a Brownie and a Girl I can well relate. He is going to have a great time.

Melissa S said...

Glad to hear that Dusty has a job! Cub Scouts is awesome! Yes James does look more mature in his uniform....but seriously..time is flying soo fast lately...

Helen M said...

Yes, he does indeed look so grown up in his uniform!

Helen M said...

That was meant to end by saying Big {{hugs}} to him!