Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You Make the Difference!

James and Mikey

Today was James' second cub scout meeting. When he got in the car after the meeting he said, "Guess what I got tonight? Guess what Miss Cindy (the cubmaster) gave me?" Well, being as new as I am to scouting, I hadn't any idea and when James pulled a pretty coin out of his pocket, I was as thrilled as he was! He explained to me that it was a "You Make the Difference" coin and Miss Cindy had awarded it to him for being an outstanding scout and friend at Friday night's tailgate party/football game!

Let me backtrack a bit.....at the game, I had given James some money so that he and his friend, Mikey, could go and get the three of us drinks. A little while later, the boys came back with the news that James had lost the money on the way to the snack bar (high school football stadium+lots of people= money gone!) While I wasn't terribly upset, (he IS only almost 8!!) I had to tell the boys that I didn't have anymore money with me, so we'd have to forgo our drinks. A few minutes later, Mikey was in tears thinking that HE was in trouble. James was upset that Mikey was crying and put his arm around him and talked to him, to reassure him that he wasn't in trouble.....that Mikey had only been with James when HE had lost the money! Miss Cindy witnessed all of this and quickly came to the rescue, giving the boys some more money to go get drinks.

A few lessons were learned that evening......James learned a good lesson about holding on to money (and I think so did Mikey, through James) even though he thought it was in his pocket! But more importantly, James took the time to think about a friend who was upset and helped to make him feel better! The fact that Cindy caught all of that in the chaos of the evening, while trying to keep an eye on 21 little boys, truly amazed me. After only one week plus, I'm already impressed with her scoutleading abilities and the way she makes the boys feel so good about what they are doing! As James finished telling me about tonight's meeting he looked at me, with a huge smile on his face and said, "I love Cub Scouts, Mom!!" Yippee!!


Helen said...

Yipee alright. Gosh...I am almost tearing up. Great story. Lovely to be a part of it. So good when good boys get reinforcement that "they did good".

Helen M said...

Yipee is right. Great Scoutleader you have there! My Kevin was in the Scouting movement all the way from little "Beavers" starting at 5, through Cubs and then into Scouts. The day he became a "grown-up" Scout was a teary day for me, just like the day he started school! A great scouting leader can make a HUGE difference in whether they stick with it or not. In our case...Kevin's Dad and a wonderful woman named Bonnie. Hugs to James. He's a great kid!

Melissa S said...

Glad to hear that James is have such a positive experience with Cub Scouts so far..seems like a great fit...great leader!