Friday, October 17, 2008

A Rough Wednesday......

I know I'm two days behind, but we're going into James' birthday weekend (and Dusty's, too, as his birthday is next Wednesday!) and I figured that if I didn't write about the happenings of the past few days, it just wouldn't get done!

On Wednesday afternoon, I got a call at work from James' school telling me that he had fallen on the playground and had hit his head. He didn't knock himself out, but he had cut his scalp, he was bleeding and he's eyes were dilated. Not good! On my way out the door to pick him up, I called his Dr. who told me to take him to the emergency room at the hospital. When I got to the school he was sitting with an ice pack on his head, covered in blood. Of course, a head or face wound always bleeds so much more than any other kind and I knew that, so it didn't worry me too much. But he was pretty out of it and so unlike James....glazed look on his face and very quiet..... and THAT had me worried!! I got him to the hospital and after cleaning him off and doing a neurological exam, the attending Dr. decided not to run any scans for the time being. He said James had done very well with the neurological tests and the Dr. didn't think he had a concussion. He wanted us to keep a close eye on him for the next several days, but he was sure James would be fine. He just didn't see any reason for putting him through a scan at this point, and introducing all that radiation, especially it being his head.

The Dr. did, however, think that the cut needed to be attended to (it's so small and I thought it was nothing and would heal fine on it's own.....but I'm no nurse!!!) so he used one staple to "seal the deal". James was great and said it was "no big deal". Stitches would have been so much more traumatic for him!!

When we got home, there was a box from "Aunt Rita" (my dear friend for many years) of hand-me-down toys from her now 13 year old son!! WOW!!! Did James ever do well!!????? He loves "Bionicles" and she sent him about 10 of those, plus awesome Legos and more!!! What a wonderful thing to find, upon returning from the hospital. That certainly lifted his spirits and it was great to see! After sleeping with Mom for the night (so I could keep an eye on him throughout the night), he's been doing great!! I haven't seen the need for him to go to Physical Education the rest of the week, so he's been staying quiet. He's aware that he needs to be protective of his head until that staple comes out next week. But other than that, he's doing great! We're so proud of him and grateful, too, as we know it could have been a whole lot worse!!

Ouch!!! The little cut with staple!

James' was thrilled to get the box filled with Bionicles and other goodies!!


Helen M said...

Awwww...poor James. But a happy ending with a box of new toys! Hooray for him.
Big hugs to him and a giant Happy Birthday.

Melissa S said...

Oh my...glad he is doing well after that. Hugs to you Lenore...what a scare hugh?

Helen said...

wow...what a fright you must have got! I hope it all heals up well.

Wendy said...

Wow what a rough day...but I would say the toys made up for it, lol...Here's hoping this week is much better! Hugs - Wen