Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Afternoon/Evening

Christmas afternoon we went over to Dusty's sister, Vonnie's, house to have Christmas dinner with the family.

Vonnie's husband, John, asked us all to put our handprints on the ceiling above their stairwell to personalize it a bit. That's what was going on in this picture of Dusty, Vonnie and their Mom, Stella!! (In case you're wondering why they were all standing on the stairs!!)

I made everyone slowdown in the kitchen and stop for a moment to take this great picture of the three generations .....Grandma Stella, Vonnie and her daughter, Katie!!

My hubby, Dusty, manning the stairwell during the handprint painting!

James sitting patiently waiting for dinner to be served!

Katie and James being silly! They spend a lot of time being silly! They love each other so much and have a lot of fun playing!!
We did miss having Dusty's son, Joe and his family with us that day. Even though they live only an hour away, the weather and roads weren't all that good that day (it had snowed much of the morning) and Jen is expecting their third child anytime now!! As much as we would have enjoyed having them with us, we thought it best that they stay close to home and their hospital! So far no baby, but some of us are betting that little Jackson Glen will join the Ryan clan in the next week!!
Dusty's daughter, Lori, who lives in Denver called Vonnie's house that evening. We put the phone on speaker-phone and set it in the middle of the table, all visiting with Lori for quite awhile. We even told jokes! It was almost like she was there with us!
It was a very nice Christmas all around!


Helen said...

Great photos my friend....I am glad you all had a good time together.

Wendy said...

Love the idea of the handprints on the wall/ceiling...what a neat idea and a beautiful memory. So glad y'all had fun!! Sounds like there might be a New years baby in the family soon too!!

Joe, Jen, Juliana, JT and Baby said...

We missed you all too!!! I spent most the day on a heating pad and felt sad not being with family. Damn weather! Love you guys!

Helen said...

LENORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock girl!!!!!!!! LOVIN this new blog look!