Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Morning

We woke up Christmas morning to this wonderful display under our tree! Actually, I don't think that James slept at all that night (as Dusty kept chasing him back to bed all night long! LOL), but when morning FINALLY arrive this is what greeted us all! Santa was generous all around, leaving movies, a ball roller coaster for James to assemble as well as the much asked for game of "Battleship"!!
There were serious moments of reading exactly what the new, unfamiliar toys were.

And moments when the excitement took over and James appeared "possessed"!! LOL (I thought it was a funny picture, anyway!!)

Even Lacey was pleased with the new bone that Santa left for her!!
Dad got multiple tubes of the hand lotion that he covets and an IOU for the MP player that he wants (I knew HE needed to pick that out!!).
Mom got a digital picture frame for her desk at work!! Yippee!! Great choice, honey!! I love it and am looking forward to down loading my favorite pics!!!


Melissa S said...

Glad your chrismtas was awesome lenore..and I love that blurred pic of James.....

Helen said...

oh Santa was good to you all...well deserved. You will LOVE your digital photo frame Lenore

Wendy said...

What a beautiful photo of the tree, gifts and village, love it!! Looks like Santa was very good to y'all too!! Michael loves battleship too but being as young as he is he cheats and I let James enjoys it!!