Sunday, June 14, 2009

Misc Pictures

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I am soooo frustrated right now!! I'm having trouble with my Picasa program and can't seem to get it to post pictures to my blog, so please bear with me!! Here are a few pictures, taken the last couple of weeks.....James and Dusty planting corn along side our house, my "Easy-chair plumber"...Dusty putting the new faucet on the new sink before installation, and James making himself lunch....he flips a mean grilled cheese sandwich!!!


Helen said...

great everyday shots my friend

Wendy said...

Wow that is the neatest, straightest garden I have that tell you how I plant things, Ekkk...I have maze growing in my flower bed where the bird feeder was this past winter...thought I'd leave it and maybe the birds will enjoy it? Laughing at the arm-chair plumber...too funny!! Does he do fix-it videos over the internet? Yea to James and his grilled cheese of my favorites!! Love the look of concentration on his face as he flips it...Great capture!! Another great set of photos and looks like y'all have been pretty darn busy to me!