Monday, July 6, 2009

And the Celebrating Continues!

On Friday evening, we went over to Dusty's sister's house. Every year for the 4th of July, Vonnie and John host a party at their home. Neighbors gather in their driveway and we share ice cream and conversation, while Vonnie and John's son, Devon, entertains us all with a fireworks display! Where we live, fireworks are legal as long as they don't leave the ground. Only public displays are the "big shows", but we always have fun with the neighborhood party! Thanks John and Vonnie for doing this every year! It's something we all enjoy!!

Just a good picture of James! They are so few and far between these days, as the funny faces usually start as soon as I take out the camera!

James and his big cousin, Katie! He LOVES Katie!! He always has....they have a great relationship and for some reason she puts up with him!!

Making ice cream....a Ryan family tradition, especially for the 4th of July!!

Dusty's sister.....known as "Yvonne", "Vonnie" or "Sister", she's an important part of this family and we love her!!

A sample of Devon's display!!


Wendy said...

Now would that be homemade Icecream? Mmmmmmmm sounds good to me! So glad y'all had a wonderful celebration! I've got my photos done but have a video to edit and then to post the photos, lol...

Melissa S said...

What beautiful the silhouette one of James..and you caught a great photo of Dusty as well. Now where was a pic of you and Dusty lol! I really enjoy all of your landscape live in and around a beautiful area.

maz111 said...

Home made ice cream?????? YUM!!!
Great pics Lenore, I especially liked the one of James and his cousin Katie, they just look so happy and comfortable with each other.
Great pic of the firework display too, looks fantastic!
What wonderful traditions you are making...very special memories!