Sunday, July 19, 2009

Recorder Music, Sunsets and Mustaches

James really enjoys his sessions with the school's music teacher, Mr. Chenivert. He has been able to experience all sorts of wonderful and fun musical things through this man in the last 3 years. Then this June, when James found out that Mr. Chenivert was teaching the recorder as part of the summer camp, he was THERE!! James has learned quickly and well, practicing often at home.

Mr. Chenivert called and said that he performs at the Coffee Trader (a locally, privately owned coffee house in Montrose) on Thursday and Friday evenings and he was inviting some of his students to join him to perform on Fridays! They have a lovely patio area and he sets up there. So we went on Friday evening for James' first performance!

He did very well dealing with the "butterflies"....Mom and Dad knew they were there because we've heard him play these songs flawlessly many times at home, but that wasn't to be at performance time. Nonetheless, he got up there and performed and now knows what it feels like to be in front of an audience!

This is Mr. Chenivert and James setting up the stage before they all started performing......

James, rehearsing beforehand. He's always so serious when he plays!

I'm looking forward to his being able to start an instument in the 4th grade. We're already discussing which instruments he might be intersted in.....will it be the clarinet, the french horn, the sax??

And here he is playing "When the Saints Come Marching In"! We were so proud of him and I love the look on Mr. Chenivert's face! He obivously was quite proud too!

On our way home, we were treated to a specatular sunset!! There have been fires in our area the last week and no doubt they were contributing factors to the beauty of the sunset! Here are two pictures that I took when Dusty pulled off into the cemetary (which sits up on a hill) just as the sun was setting.

And then, when I woke up yesterday morning, I was greeted by a mustache-less husband!! Never in the 12 1/2 years I've known him, have I seen him without his mustache!! The beard comes and goes, depending on the season, but the mustache is ALWAYS there. When I asked him what happened, he said, "It fell off!" Something about the trimmer! LOL I don't suppose it'll last long, and so I grabbed the camera to document the "moment"!!

This Sunday afternoon finds us being lazy around the house, as we head into another week. This Thursday evening, I'll be performing with the band, in downtown Montrose. That should be fun and I'm looking forward to it. We've already got plans for next weekend and I can promise that many pictures will be taken. So stay tuned for another posting soon! I hope that in the mean time, you'll have a terrific week!!


Joe, Jen, Juliana, JT and Jack said...

Wowza... you can see some Charlie & Joe in dad now!

Joe, Jen, Juliana, JT and Jack said...

I don't know how this didn't go through...but, Good job James!

Wendy said...

Yea James...(clapping hands)...Awesome JOB!! Y'all are so talented!! Great video too!! I can't wait to see what instrument he'll play in school!
I love the sunset photos, Wow! Beautiful! I hope the fires don't get any closer to y'all. One of our major concerns at the moment, sigh! Wow a clean face, what a handsome man :o) Yes get a photo and quickly, lol...You'd better get video of your concert this week too! I so love seeing y'all play!

maz111 said...

YAAAAAAAYYY! James, you are going to be as talented as your mum, fabulous performance!!! And James, well done for getting up there, even with those butterflies fluttering and giving it your best shot..........a lot of people would have chickened out, but you got up there and did an amazing job. Well done mate!!!!
Those sunset photo's are stunning! You can see the smoky haze in them. I hope you are safe where you are Lenore????
Dusty!!!!!! Dusty?????
I have to tell you, you look 10 years younger without that moustache, you look terrific without it. Lenore, I had to laugh, get in quick to take that shot before the mo is grown back again......a wonderful pic for posterity.
I think we should start a movement of "Keep the mo OFF Dusty", what do you think???? LOL!! Sorry Dusty!
((((((hugs)))))) to you all

Melissa S said...

oh wow! That sunset is phenomenal Lenore..and wow Dusty looks like a new man!!! You know I remember your posts from last year about the corn festival..lets see was it Tim McGraw that headlined??? I am trying hard to remember but it is fuzzy...I can't believe it has been a year already!!!