Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dinosaurs......OH MY!!!!

Yesterday we made the hour drive up to Grand Junction, to Joe and Jen's new home! Then we took all the kids to the Dinosaur museum called "Dinosaur Journey". What fun time we all had. It's a great interactive museum for kids, though the adults enjoyed it too!! It was a hot, humid day and it was nice to find an indoor activity to do for a few hours!

Here are all the kids out in front of the sign!

There were many replicas thoughout the museum....these are my two favorite pictures! The second one was a bit gory, but realistic nonetheless, I suppose!!

James, Juliana and JT posing with the skeleton of one of the dinosaurs....

They were doing "tatoos" for all the kids! James had one on both arms by the end of our stay!!!

Even Baby Jack, at 6 months old, took it all in! He was so cute, all wide-eyed!! Here he is with his Mama, Jen!

And James with a mean looking dinosaur!!:)

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Wendy said...

AWESOME!! Michael would have enjoyed that! I love that first photo, excellant!! It is so nice to find something that the kids will enjoy inside with a/c, lol...