Friday, August 15, 2008

Oops! How did I miss these??

I had these pictures all ready to download, but missed them with all the others. I still wanted to share them, so here they are!!

What's a camping trip without fishing!?? Certainly not in THIS family! Dusty and James love to fish, and although James is still learning I'm glad it's an interest that they both share!

I took this picture on Sunday morning, as James grabbed his fishing pole and tackle box and headed down to the lake to join his Dad to fish while Mom made breakfast! Too darn cute!!
And here they are....the Ryan fishermen!! The fishing wasn't very good, but that didn't do much to diminish their enthusiasm!!

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Helen said...

yey...I am so excited....I can see loads of photos and multiple photos in the one entry with text inbetween....YOU ROCK GIRL! I am so proud of you. Now....I LOVE shots from behind you HAVE to scrap that one of James walking away. Yikes...your photos are super.