Friday, August 15, 2008

Wildflower Beauty!

The wildflowers up on Grand Mesa are truly spectacular this year! Everyone was saying how everything is late because we had so much snow and such low temperatures this last winter. Well, it all may be later than usual, but it certainly paid off! The wildflowers were everywhere you looked and were so gorgeous! It's no wonder that I took so many pictures this last weekend!!

After this camping trip, I now realize that I definitely must get myself a Colorado Wildflower book!! I get frustrated when I can't identify what I'm looking at!!

James enjoyed the wildflowers a lot this weekend! They grew right up to the banks of the lake and with him standing in the middle of them, you can tell how tall they were (he's around 4 feet tall now!).

This picture was taken in the small meadow that was adjacent to our campsite. James really enjoyed walking through this meadow and did so several times in the few days we were up there, looking for chipmunks! I love this picture and feel a scrapbook page coming on!!
Another one of the lake and flowers!
A whole hillside of wild daisies!! WOW!

And some more!!!


Helen said...

So beautiful beautiful. Just LOVE the ones of James. TFS such a wonderful weekend away with me.

Wendy said...

Wow the wildflower are gorgeous!! I love the one of the lake in the background!! I would have been in heaven, lol...great job!! So glad you had some decent weather for your camping trip.