Sunday, August 17, 2008

Photo Challenge #12 - LINES

After our camping trip last weekend, we decided to stay close to home this weekend. We didn't even venture out to take pictures! So this is what I found around the house for the challenge this week.....

The rug at our front door. Lots of lines here!
The tiles in our little entry way. I also liked the way the sun shone through our screen door, providing a few more lines!!
This is the bottom of an antique radio cabinet that once belonged to my husband's great-aunt. There used to be material between the plywood and the X's (I guess it was destroyed years ago by a family cat....long before I joined the family!) Anyway, I thought the X's made interesting lines!
We were playing a new game of dominos that we've just learned, called "Chicken Foot"!! Here is the end product of one of the about lines that lead nowhere!!
And this is the tile floor in our kitchen, the lines leading to Dusty's feet!! Looks like the grout could use some attention! Maybe next weekend!!

Well that's it for this week! Thanks, ladies, for another fun challenge!! Looking forward to Wednesday and the posting of the next one!!


Wendy said...

Love that rug, excellant lines!! That radio has a HUGE speaker in it, Yikes!! LOL to the domino game, never heard of that one before...and the tile floor is great on lines!! Good job Ma'am!

Kami said...

I tool love the rug!! Great pics!

Helen McNamara said...

First we learnewd to play Mexican Train dominoes...then several years later it morphed into Chickenfoot. A super game played extensively in the retirement communities around the world!
I love that you now have a blog and will check it often. Don't forget to check mine too! Who is doing the Wednesday photo challenge?