Sunday, August 24, 2008

Random Pictures from our weekend......

Yesterday we drove up to the quaint mountain town of Ouray to enjoy their hot springs pool. We try to go up there a couple of times a year and always have a great time! How can you not when you're soaking in the wonderfully warm hot spring water, surrounded by this mountain beauty? Ouray is known as the "Little Switzerland of America" and sits nestled in the base of a canyon. A fun little tourist town, it's got lots of fun shops and bed and breakfasts.
Dusty and James enjoyed playing in the water. We always talk about going up in the winter to experience the hot springs in the snow! So far we've not been brave enough, but there's always this coming winter!!
The first time we brought James to the hot springs, he was 9 months old and he fell asleep in my arms in the water and slept for an hour!! He laughs at that story now, as he can't imagine sleeping rather than playing!!
What can I say about this picture??? I have a crazy kid and one very tolerant dog!!! Made for a cute picture anyway!!
No, not ALL our sunsets in the Uncompahgre Valley are breathtakingly beautiful, but we do have our share!!! This was this evening, on our ride! I was frustrated because I was loosing light so quickly, but then I looked to the west!! WOW!! I sure am going to miss our evening rides when summer comes to an end!!

Thanks for stopping by and having a look!!


Helen said...

wow ... you guys live in a most beautiful place. What a glorious weekend. I remember that photo of James at nine months...I am sure you have shown me before. Lenore..that sunset .... SENSATIONAL!!!

Helen McNamara said...

Oh, I remember well going to OOray with you last a matter of fact, I just scrapped a photo from that day and have posted it on Enjoy!

mosbarger said...

Ohhhh, Ouray is my favorite's so beautiful, and the Hot Springs is awesome!!! My dad and uncles were there too. Fabulous pictures again, Lenore!!!!!

Wendy said...

Oh Lenore, breath-taking and beautiful...I think I want to move, lol...Thanks for sharing, love it!!

Sunshine and 70 Degrees said...


Just passing thru and seen your picture of the sunset! Beautiful! We live in Colorado also and enjoy the beauty every day.

Thanks for sharing, your family is blessed to have you trying to do something to keep in touch with one another.

God Bless,