Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 3rd of July is family time!!

Every year Dusty's sister, Vonnie, hosts a neighborhood and family ice cream social/fireworks extravaganza at her house. Her youngest son, Devon, is in charge of the fireworks show which he does out in the street, a safe distance from everyone. We all enjoy the time together! This year Dusty's son, Joe, and his family (wife Jen, six year old daughter Juliana and three year old son JT) joined us from Grand Junction, an hour to our north.

Here is Juliana, climbing one of Aunt Vonnie's trees!
Papa Dusty really enjoys his grandchildren and is looking forward to the arrival of #3 early next year!! We're rooting for you Jen, and hope before long that yucky morning sickness will be a thing of the past!!

JT and Dusty were patiently waiting for Devon to start the fireworks!!
Our "multilevel family'!! With Dusty having a 31 year old son and a 7 year old son, things have gotten interesting. James became an uncle at 19 months old, when Juliana was born. I still giggle when the three kids play together and I hear Juliana or JT refer to James as "Uncle James"!!! The other thing that makes us all laugh is to realize that Jen is James' sister-in-law!! We do know that families like ours are less and less unusual as time goes by, but it still seems weird!!
James gave JT a piggyback ride much of that evening! They really seem to enjoy each other, which does this mother's/Nana's heart good!!!


Wendy said...

There is nothing better than quality family time together. Great photos and journaling Ma'am. Michael will be an uncle next year and he will be five...seems kind of strange but he has older siblings too! Not sure I am ready to be called Grandma either and everyone is teasing me too, Ekk!

Helen said...

Oh great family shots and sharing Lenore...thank you....loved it all.

mosbarger said...

Adorable family pictures!!!!! Looks like you all had tons of fun!!!!!