Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Sneak Peek at a Home Facelift!!

After several years on our existing carpeting, we've decided to replace what there was in the living room and hallway (what is lived on the most!) with Pergo laminate flooring!! After much searching, discussing and debating we found one that we really like and decided to go for it!

The problem with a project like this in our house is two-fold. Our home is VERY small. The living room is really our only living space. So as this project is going on we have no place to "be", except in the midst of it all! The second problem is that we have no real place to put all of our living room furniture while it's going on. So we just keep moving things around as we go!! Here is a picture of the work team......Dusty and James!!

The first unexpected "issue" we ran into was when we pulled up the first 4 foot section of carpeting, Dusty discovered that our sub-floor isn't level......more work!!! Yuck!! Dusty showed James how to use the level and planer and he has been such a big help prepping the floor! It's so great to see his enthusiasm to help his Dad and be a part of it all!! It's proven to be more work than we anticipated to begin with, adding a lot more time to this project.
James has been a trooper as he helps. Even as I sit here, typing this I hear Dusty muttering and mumbling from the other room......something about "this board is challenged and so am I! Between the two of us, neither of us are too bright!!" I think it's time for a break, what do you think?? LOL Actually, Dusty has done a great job so far. He tries to anticipates anything that might come up and still has to keep in mind length of the boards, the patterning in the boards, etc. Even though it's a small area....only 320 square feet total, there's a lot to think about. I'm proud of both my boys for taking this on!!

Here is a picture of the first several rows of boards that went down under our front window. We chose a light color board mostly because the room is so small and because we already have several pieces of wood furniture. So far we're very pleased with the look of it and get more excited as more is completed. We will have the living room done by the end of the weekend, leaving the hallway to do.

Stay tuned!! I'll posts some more pictures once it's all done!!


Wendy said...

Wow Lenore this is so neat, showing the work from start to finish. Love the flooring! Glad everything and everyone is working together. Great photos to Ma'am.

Helen said...

Oh Lenore...I am excited about your new floor (looks fantastic) however I cannot get past that photo of James (great to see him getting in and helping so) and Dusty.....that just melted my heart.

mosbarger said...

I want Pergo sooooo bad!!!! I am tired of carpet!!! I will NEVER have carpet again.....and yours looks fantastic!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what the end result will be- when team Dusty and James finish!!!!!