Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Weekend of Pictures....

It seems that everywhere we go now, I make it a point to have my camera with me! These pictures where taken yesterday evening, on our way home from town. Taken just a few minutes from our house on "the back road" as we call it.....a nice alternative to driving the highway!!

This picture is of a flowering alfalfa field, which is a big summertime crop around here!

I've just always thought that this little farm looks "quaint" in it's surroundings. I loved the evening lighting in this picture.

Today, we headed to the mountains for a few hours, to escape the heat in the valley. We went up the "Little Cimarron", which is one of our favorite places. It's so peaceful and beautiful there. We have a particular spot that we discovered several years ago, that we enjoy. It's got a secondary, slower moving branch of the river which is a good place for James the play and wade.
Today's Lacey's 7 month birthday! We brought her home when she was 6 weeks old and it's been a lot of fun to watch her grow up! She is a golden retriever/border collie mix........she looks just like a golden retriever except for the fact that she's jet black!! James calls her his "black retriever"!! She is a very sweet dog and eager to please. She's fit well into our family and is a constant source of entertainment!

Today was Lacey's first trip to the mountains and her first experience playing in a creek. She was pretty funny! Once she got used to the cold water, she was all over the place trying to catch the water! Silly pup! Occasionally, she'd reach down into the water and come up with a rock which she'd proudly deposit at our feet! Such a gift!! It was definitely a successful day for her as she continues to experience new things!


Wendy said...

Oh Lenore I am so jealous!! What beautiful places abound around you! You have done a fantastic job taking photos...I wish I could join you on your back road jaunts!! I so love doing that!

Helen said...

Gosh Lenore! I am so happy you now take your camera everywhere! Welcome to the club. These shots are just wonderful. You are so lucky to live in such a glorious place. I think my absolute fave is the farm to love that red barn.

mosbarger said...

Gorgeous pictures!!!!! I really need to get up's been too long. Looks like Lacey had a blast!!!!