Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cooling Off in the Mountains.....

Today we headed "up" in an effort to escape the heat. It's been very hot (near 100 degrees daily) and much more humid than we're used to, as a result of Hurricane Dolly. We are a long way from the Mexican Gulf, but we ended up with a lot of humidity caused by the hurricane. Usually the western slope of Colorado is very dry, as we are part of a "high mountain desert", so we really feel that humidity when it goes up!

Today we went up on The Grand Mesa. It's one of our favorite places as it's only about an hour's drive from our house and is easy to get to. It's call to fame is that it is the largest flat- topped mountain in the world. We like it because it's often many degrees cooler up there than it is at home. Once up there, we were driving around looking for a place for the boys to stop and fish and we came upon this beautiful stream with wildflowers surrounding it. I, of course, had to stop and take pictures!!

I think that this is mountain beauty at it's best!!
And this is a Colorado Columbine! It's the state flower and something we Coloradoans are quite proud of!! We teach our children that our beautiful wildflowers are there to have pictures taken of and to be admired, but never picked!!!


Helen said...

wow you have had a huge photo weekend....I am so happy. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to share and see so much of your part of the world my friend. I am so happy. That stream shot is just perfect....well almost....while the boys go fish all it needs is a blanket and a bottle of bubbly and you and me :)

Leah said...

Wow, your photos are stunning!! I love the serenity there!