Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time for Fishing!

After a lovely walk along a wooded path that parralleled many of the lakes up on Grand Mesa, Dusty and James chose a spot to fish for awhile. It was so nice to sit in the shade of the big pine trees and enjoy the smells and sounds of the forest and lake.

James is still learning how to fish from his Dad, and it seems as if each summer we start all over again! Now he's old enough though, I think, to start remembering more from summer to summer. One thing is for sure....he seems to have inherited the love of fishing from his Dad, and I'm so glad for that! It's something that they'll always be able to share!
This was the catch of the day! And you can tell from the look on James' face that he was quite excited!! It was served as one of the courses of tonight's dinner in the Ryan house!
Here's James with Lacey and his fish!
I loved this shot! Going back to the car after fishing, I caught James and Lacey walking along the trail!

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Helen said...

How wonderful they have this soothing pastime to share. And I can feel a scrap page coming on with that last divine! It is a wonderful capture Lenore. You, like me, always rush to take a shot when my kids (or in this case James and Lacey) go walking off together. LOVE IT!