Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Wonderful Visit with Old Friends.....

We were so excited when we got an email from Kerri about a month ago saying that they were going to be in our area this weekend! We have missed them so much since they left us 4 years ago, to move to Michigan. We met because Kerri worked for a plumber in Montrose and I worked at the plumbing wholesaler (where I've now been for more than 10 years!). She and I became fast friends and once we introduced our husbands, the two families became friendly. Tom and Kerri have a son, Cody who is a year and a half older than our James, and a daughter, Sarah, who is a year and a half younger than James! I guess we miss the Hubbards the most during the holidays, especially the 4th of July! We always made an effort to get together and celebrate together and always had fun.
Today, we met at a local park so that the children could play. We couldn't get over the kids. Cody was 5 and Sarah was 2 when they moved away! Boy, are they all grow up now! James didn't really remember Cody, even though he was James' first friend! James and Cody were once put on the same blanket on the floor to play, before James could sit on his own!!

Here is Kerri and her daughter, Sarah, who will be starting 1st grade in a few weeks.
The three kids, with James in the middle, right where he belongs in this group!

The old, good friends! James and Cody had a lot of fun playing today and it was great to see. They still can be friends, even with the distance between them!!

Thank you Tom and Kerri for saving an afternoon out of your busy trip to spend with us!! We loved every minute and hope we'll be able to do it again, next time sooner than 4 years from now!!

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Helen said...

How super to catch up with old friends. Looks like you had a lovely day. TFS!