Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hangin' Out in the Hood - Part 2

Just a few more pictures of our little, tiny agricultural town. I took the pictures, I figure I might as well share them!

Here is our True Value hardware store. It's one of the main businesses in town! Dusty worked there for a few years and the place is a real trip! It's like stepping back in time....with warped wooden floors and aisles so narrow you have to walk very carefully as not to knock things off the shelves!! Nextdoor is an old time variety store, with everything from appliances to candles and note cards!
This is the small grocery where I work part-time! (On the far left of this picture, with the silver van parked in front!)
And our Producers Co-op.....very important in a farm town!!!
Right across the street is the Ag-Center with the Olathe Volunteer Fire Department next door. I keep trying to tell you this is a small town......ya believe me yet??


Helen said...

Loved the tour...thank you my friend. It's not small....its intimate!

Leah said...

It looks a little like our downtown.. just maybe a bit smaller, if that is possible. What is the population there?