Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photo Challenge #8 - NEGATIVE SPACE

This challenge was so hard for me! I just couldn't wrap my mind around the concept, I guess. I took the camera with us on our trip out into the corn hoping to get the perfect shot. No such luck! All of the pictures I took just seemed to have "too much subject". Guess I really need to take more time to master this one, and time is just something that is very limited for me right now.

Anyway, here are a few of the shots that I've taken in the last couple of days that I think (and hope!) are acceptable for this week's challenge. My favorite is of James, lying on and enjoying our new flooring!

An old, dead tree that I captured against an evening sky.
This is the tree in the yard next door to our house. I've always thought it was pretty in the summer, with it's green leaves and yellow "flowers", especially against a blue sky!

Well, that's it for this week. This is something I will work on some more, as I don't think I did a very good job. But, once again, thanks to Wendy and Helen for making me "think outside the box!!"


Nancy said...

great shots, love the color. i think they're perfect for the challenge.

Helen said...

I agree with Nancy. These are super! You did good - nice to think of something different when taking photos. I agree the shot of James is wonderful and your floors look GREAT! You must be thrilled

Wendy said...

You did a GREAT job!! Love the photo of James on the new floor, it looks great, the photo and the floor, lol...I love trees and love your photos of the trees!! You did an excellant job meeting the challenge...sometimes I think we think to hard and we need to just sit back and relax and see what comes!!

evanwick said...

You did great! (I was having trouble with this one, so passed the buck to my husband!!)
Love your pages!! I'm off to check out the corn and sunsets!