Sunday, July 13, 2008

Photo Challenge #7 - FILL THE FRAME

This week's challenge WAS a challenge for me, and I didn't really think it would be! Nothing jumped out at me as I wandered around with my camera. I did manage to come up with a few decent ones to post.

Here's Lacey, in one of her calmer moments. This was taken before she discovered that water play could be so much fun, because after that a shot like this would have been impossible!!
This one of James was the best of the day! He's going through a stage and has become very difficult to photograph! He absolutely hates it when I appear with the camera and all I get is funny faces! (Not that that is altogether bad, but it does have it's place! I have gotten very few good pictures of him recently, mostly because he's become very self-conscience about his two front teeth that are coming in. He absolutely will not give me his wonderful smile for the camera.....all I get now is a goofy grin. He promises to do better after the teeth are both in! We'll see!!)
And here are some pretty flowers. I have no idea what kind they are, do you Wendy??


Tiffany's Photos said...

good picture. wow love that dog so pretty black dog. also pretty flower ones of blue flower thing..

Wendy said...

Aww love the photo of Lacey, she's sweet! You did a good job on your son. I know all about NOT taking photos of them...Michael goes through stages. The flower is beautiful and No I don't have a clue...I've got 3 Texas wildflower a type of bluebell, but don't quote me on that, Yikes!!

Helen said...

These are great Lenore. Lacey has got so big! Poor James...its only gonna get worse for photos I think. I wonder why we all found this so difficult? You and I were both wandering around with camera's in hand.

mosbarger said...

Fabulous pictures again, Lenore!!! I found this one a bit harder than I expected too. I ALWAYS fill the frame whitout even thinking about it, but I couldn't do it when I was suppose to. These pictures are wonderful, though.